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From the Projects to the Pyramids...In search of a better family life

Author, Malik Ahmed, in his debut memoir, From the Projects to the Pyramids: In Search of a Better Family Life tells readers a fantastic story of human ascension. Ahmed’s journey unfolds from the Projects to the Egyptian Pyramids. At the center of this fantastic journey, is his very tight family bond. The author’s journey emerged in his pre-teens and teenage years with small social action steps, one step at a time. The reader follows Ahmed’s quest for meaning and purpose. Those steps to social activism first arose in the Abraham Lincoln Housing Projects in Central Harlem, in the City of New York. Ahmed’s social activism came forth from within the youth organization: The Harlem Youth Federation, Inc. Throughout the author’s journey, the reader acquires insight into how he challenges himself with choices that entice us all to do the same. He gives you a close look at what and who shaped the man he is today. He recalls names of history makers including Malcolm X, Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Ella Baker and Ruth Brown with whom he came face to face as well as international heads of state that influenced his perspective. Between each line of his story is an expression of his purpose and an undaunted determination to reinforce the paradigm of racial self-love and unity. Moreover, the curiosity of the reader peaks to exhilaration at various stages throughout the author’s journey. On his journey of discovery, there was much to learn, unlearn, and stumble over. But in the process, a strong personal commitment emerged. This commitment included establishing Better Family Life, Inc. (BFL) as a holistic community development institution. He created a partnership with BFL’s membership by attracting high school and college students, and educating parents and grassroots community activists on how the idea of a better family life has become a commitment and practice. As a result BFL has evolved and is now a multi-million-dollar corporation. BFL has a staff of 125 full-time and several part-time employees serving over 50,000 people annually. Malik’s vision of how the great architects built the Egyptian Pyramids framed his vision for the creation of Better Family Life, Inc. "This book reads like a novel and the foundation for a best-se{le or treatment for a hit movie script. He gives you a close look at what and who shaped the man he is today. Every page takes you deeper into your own reflection of where you are or could be given his same willingness to absorb every experience and translate it into your own journey to fulfillment."

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